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in the 12th most persecuted country in the world.

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Christianity is on the verge of extinction in Syria. Over the past six years, a large majority of Christians in Syria have fled their country to escape the heavy persecution held by ISIS and other Islamic militants. Homes have been destroyed, and most churches are in ruins.

Despite these attacks, some Christians make a deliberate choice to stay and reach out to fellow Syrians with the gospel, such as The Wise Virgins, with whom Take Heart has partnered. Nearly one million Christians in Syria are still holding their ground despite the persecution and war. When the Syrian crisis started, Christian homes were destroyed and their men kidnapped and slaughtered; many are still missing. Their wives and children have fled to Damascus (a city that is still being bombarded but remains much safer).

Take Heart is working with The Wise Virgins, located in Syria, to equip persecuted families with the tools necessary to gain an income to support their families. Take Heart is also supporting local college students to ensure a completion of their education.

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Take Heart comes alongside local leaders and churches to serve in a community for three to five years. Together, we assess spiritual, technical, and financial needs. We then develop a unique strategic development plan that will empower leaders to impact the community for many years after Take Heart is gone. Specific strategies implemented in Syria include spiritual encouragement, leadership trainings, income-generating projects, trauma care, education support, medical clinics, and Ignite Academy, a program designed to equip young adults to be leaders of the next generation.

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At Take Heart, we are all about development. We partner with local churches and leaders wanting to serve persecuted Christians in their communities. This video highlights our specific work in Syria.