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Our Solutions

Every Christian will face persecution. Whether it be small or big, persecution is promised in John 15:20.
So we cannot end persecution. But we can ease the effects of it.
We can come alongside our brothers and sisters and tell them to Take Heart.
Below are some of the ways we do just that.

Income Generating

Income-Generating Projects

Take Heart provides grants to local leaders working to fund micro-loans for those in need of an income who are capable of launching a small business.

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Medical Clinics

Medical services are few and far between for the poorest persecuted Christians. Take Heart helps launch clinics to serve entire communities, regardless of a person's religion.

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Trauma Care

The effects of persecution are ongoing and often extreme. Take Heart ensures post-traumatic counseling and life coaching are given to those in need.

Home Visits

Spiritual Encouragement

Take Heart trains and equips local leaders to consistently visit Christians in their community to pray with them, encourage them, and fellowship with them.

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Leadership Training

Take Heart finds, trains, and equips leaders within a community who can step up to spiritually encourage persecuted Christians, along with being able to address specific needs.

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One of the biggest barriers to a parent starting a job in the Middle East is childcare. Take Heart helps communities launch affordable preschools so that parents can earn a living.

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Terror Relief

When extremists strike, Take Heart works to immediately come alongside the victims. Each circumstance is different, but we attempt to assist through a developmental approach.

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Take Heart offers grants to ensure students have the necessary supplies to complete a college education. A degree essentially guarantees a job.

Ignite Academy

This six-semester course equips students to become leaders and disciplers in their communities. Students learn important life skills and are equipped to teach them to others.

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Displacement & Rebuilding Assistance

When extremists strike, they leave a trail of destruction. We come alongside communities during their displacement, and, on a case-by-case basis, help rebuild what was lost.

Want to know even more about how we operate?

Download our logic model, an internal document that keeps us on task and focused.