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Team: Aida-Samir
Aida Samir
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Aida is the co-founder and executive director of Take Heart. She is also the principle consultant of her private business, Masarah Consultancy, Inc., where she continues to put her skills and experience in the nonprofit field to work. Aida has been in the nonprofit field for the past 18 years and has worked with many organizations to serve people of all needs, primarily in Africa.

Between pharmaceutical companies, church missions, and international nonprofit organizations, she has 26 years of experience in strategic planning, hospital administration, managing HIV treatment, networking, and mentoring others at a global level between the US and African countries. She believes that mentorship is seminal because it teaches the next generation to be better than us at what we do; so when it is their turn, they are in great shape.

She specializes in strategic planning and putting clear visions for nonprofit organizations that lead to the growth and development of regional projects in numerous countries, especially in Middle-East and Africa. She has worked in several countries including US, Egypt, Kenya, led projects in Zambia, Uganda and Tanzania, introduced projects in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Burundi.