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About Nigeria

Total Population: 200 Million
Christian Population: 46.7%
Poverty Level: 40% below poverty level
Government Style: Federal Republic

Our Work Here

Began Work: 2020
Local Partners: 2

Solutions Used

Spiritual Encouragement
Income-Generating Projects

Leadership Training
Medical Clinics
Terror Relief



In 2019, God called Take Heart towards a new chapter by launching ministry in a new country. After months of prayers and research, it became clear that Take Heart was called to expand to Nigeria.

Persecution is primarily targeted towards Christians in the North and Middle Belt of Nigeria, but persecution in Nigeria did not start overnight. It has its roots in a systematic Islamic expansionist agenda. The current wave of persecution of Christians is threatening grave consequences in the present and coming generation. Only determined spiritual revival can stop the wave of attacks that have been unleashed upon the Church here.



So far, Take Heart has been able to assist in distributing sanitizers, soap, and face masks for a group of Christian internally displaced persons in Nigeria. Leader training has been postponed due to the pandemic, but we are eager to move forward in God's timing.


  • Nigeria's borders are closed and Take Heart training has been postponed. Christians in the north are especially suffering. Pray for their comfort and faith.
  • Persecution of Christians is reaching genocide levels. Pray earnestly for protection and perseverance amid countless persecutions.