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About Iraq

Total Population: 40 Million
Christian Population: <1%
Poverty Level: 22.4%
Government Style: Parliamentary Democracy

Our Work Here

Began Work: 2015
Christians Served: 4,000
Local Partners: 2

Solutions Used

Spiritual Encouragement
Income-Generating Projects

Leadership Trainings
Education Support
Displacement & Rebuilding Assistance
Trauma Care


Iraq is the 39th most populated country in the world. Islam is the national religion with nearly 97 percent of the population practicing. The remaining 3 percent are Christians. While Christians have lived in Iraq for more than 2,000 years, persecution is pushing them to the edge of extinction.

Praise God armed forces defeated the ISIS stronghold in Mosul and surrounding areas in 2017. But many Christians fear the return of extremism, leading them to never feel completely safe. Christians in Iraq are also struggling to rebuild the crushing blow ISIS dealt. Many have lost everything, except their lives, making day-to-day life a struggle.

Christians are tolerated in northern Iraq, where Christian population numbers are higher. But, travel further south, into Baghdad and beyond, and persecution drastically increases — especially among Christians from a Muslim background.

Where We Work