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From One to Many
The Impact of Income-generating Projects


The best kind of gifts are those that grow in impact. 

We see this all over Scripture, especially in the life of Jesus:

  • Jesus took a small sampling of bread and fish and multiplied it into a meal for thousands (twice!)
  • Jesus chose twelve apostles to initiate a worldwide gospel movement. 
  • Jesus’ death on the cross was not for the benefit of just one person, but continues to multiply in impact as more come to know Him.


With Jesus as our example, we steward our financial gifts through supporting income-generating projects. That’s how we are able to witness impact in the communities we serve in a big way. Take Heart partners with leaders in a community to assess needs. Through grants from Take Heart, these leaders distribute loans of money or goods to individuals who need assistance to start a business. Then, in time, these businesses become self-sufficient and benefit countless families with both employment and provision of goods or services.


Some highlights from income-generating projects
in countries we serve



Hope Lights Up Candle Factory

In an impoverished town in upper Egypt, Take Heart came alongside a local priest to perform a needs assessment. A grant provided by Take Heart enabled this priest to open a candle factory that now employs 14 disadvantaged women.

Candles are a necessity in the area, as most homes do not have electricity.

Women at the factory work diligently to make candles to sell in the local market. They then use the income to provide for their families. The priest who supervises the factory dreams of building 10 more machines to employ even more women.


Handmade Products Provide for Families


Yara* has benefited from an income-generating project in Syria for the past three years. Now that she has the necessary supplies, she is able to manufacture cheese, butter, labna, and cottage cheese during the day. In the evenings, Yara sews to generate even more income to provide for her family. 

As a result of the support she received, Yara feels encouraged and empowered, and everyone can see the impact made in her life, both physiologically and spiritually.

*name altered for safety 



Ice Cream Shop Sweetens Town


Local leaders surveyed the area to assess needs, then used some of the grant money from Take Heart to help Ammar* establish and operate an ice cream shop. Ammar now owns a thriving business, which gives hope to his family and joy to his village.

*name altered for safety 

Butcher Shop Re-opens


Before ISIS invaded, Mr. Tuma* owned a butcher shop. When he returned to Karemlash with his family after the liberation, Take Heart helped him to reopen his shop. Now the community can benefit from buying fresh meat again.

*name altered for safety 

Join Take Heart's mission to provide holistic support to our persecuted brothers and sisters and help them sustain their living through income-generating projects like these.