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Feel like you can’t really help persecuted Christians thousands of miles away?

You can just by using the gifts, talents, and hobbies God has given you!

Run a 5k. Help your kids sell lemonade. Donate your birthday.
Whatever your passion, we are the body. Let's do this together.

Starting a Campaign Is Easy!


Step 1: Create Your Fundraiser

It only takes a second! Create an account and decide what to do to raise money. Pick a name. Pick a photo. And just like that, you’re ready!
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Step 2: Share Your Fundraiser

Tell your community about what you’re doing. Share on social media, email, and word of mouth!
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Needs Some Inspiration?

Check out what others have done!

Usborne Fundraiser


Through Usborne Books, Sage sold boxes of greeting cards with a percentage of sales going to Take Heart!


Instead of receiving birthday gifts, Soha asked friends and family to donate to Take Heart!

Jack & Joy

Jack and Joy sold toys and did chores to raise money for Take Heart!
Basketball Sarah


Sarah and friends are organizing a community basketball tournament, with entry fees donated to Take Heart!