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About Egypt

Total Population: 99 Million
Christian Population: 10%
Poverty Level: 28% below poverty level
Government Style: Republic

Our Work Here

Began Work: 2015
Christians Served: 16,308
Local Partners: 6

Solutions Used

Spiritual Encouragement
Income-Generating Projects

Leadership Training
Medical Clinics
Terror Relief


Christianity has been present in Egypt since the early Roman era. The large demographic size of Coptic Christians had kept major persecution at bay for centuries. But that is beginning to change. Christians are now facing acts of violence, intimidation, the burning of churches, and, most recently, bombings during religious services. While President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi is making efforts to restore the rule of law in Egypt, Christians remain disadvantaged and face discrimination in education, health, and legislation.

The living conditions are at their worst for Christians living in Upper Egypt, which is considered the country’s poorest area. In many of the villages that experience attacks by radical Muslims, believers are being forced from their homes and prohibited from having a sustainable income source because of their faith. Christians who converted from Islam are facing the worst persecution, largely from their own families.