Take Heart Equips the Next Generation of Christians in Egypt

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead … (1 Peter 1:3)

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Help persecuted young adult Christians in Egypt.

Poverty. Isolation. Fear. Ignorance. In villages in Upper Egypt, young adult Christians struggle with the effects of trauma, limited educational opportunities, and a culture that marginalizes girls and women and robs boys and men of a sense of self-worth and personal vision. This Easter, join Take Heart as we equip and encourage Egyptian youth with the living hope of Christ’s resurrection.

Fully funded! Thank you for your support!

Stand With Egypt's Future

When you support Take Heart’s work in Upper Egypt, you let the young people there know they are not alone. Your gift helps empower the youth shaping tomorrow’s Church.



We teach young men and women skills for processing emotional trauma through creative expression.

• Drawing and painting

• Crocheting

• Creative resin products

• How to play musical instruments

Take Heart helps persecuted Christian young people in Egypt overcome their emotional trauma through building creative skills.

Relieve Their Trauma

Help Take Heart bring 2,000 Egyptian youth emotional wellness.

Persecuted Christians in Egypt need routine medical care for overall health and wellness.

Medical Care

Providing routine medical care—and teaching young people about its importance—is critical for maintaining overall health and wellness.

• Full checkup annually

• Necessary lab tests

• Follow-up and medications as needed

Heal Their Bodies

Help Take Heart raise $80,000 for young adults in Upper Egypt.

Spiritual and Awareness Days

Gathering young people for designated days for teaching and togetherness helps encourage relationship-building, faith formation, and personal growth. Activities and topics covered include:

• Praising, praying, Bible study groups and discussions, and purposeful games

• Biblical manhood and planning for the future

• Health awareness aimed at decreasing infections and diseases

• Nutrition awareness

• Personal hygiene improvement

• Sexual awareness/harassment

• Sex/drug addiction and pornography

Donations from Take Heart supporters help persecuted young Christians in Egypt grow in faith and personal development.

Nurture Their Souls

Support Egyptian young adults in their journeys of faith and self-improvement.

Reach 2,000 Egyptian Teens and Young Adults

Fully funded! Thank you for your support!

Building artistic skills is important for persecuted young adult Christians in Upper Egypt.

The Pulse

Become a part of the heartbeat of our ministry by committing to give on a monthly basis. Monthly gifts make the biggest impact on families in Upper Egypt — and on all the people we serve.

The Need: Christian Persecution in Egypt

Nearly 100 million people live in Egypt, with 15 percent identifying as Coptic Christian and 28 percent of the population living below the poverty line.

The Coptic Christians are targeted by terrorist organizations and many of their rights to worship are restricted by the Egyptian government. While the Egyptian government recognizes the right to freedom of religion, there are many restrictions on building churches and other practices.

The large demographic size of Coptic Christians had kept major persecution at bay for centuries, but that is beginning to change. Christians are now facing acts of violence, intimidation, and bombings during religious services. While the current president is making efforts to restore the rule of law in Egypt, Christians remain disadvantaged and face discrimination in education, health, and legislation.

The living conditions are at their worst for Christians living in Upper Egypt, which is considered the country’s most impoverished region. In many of the villages that experience terrorist attacks, believers are being forced from their homes and prohibited from having a sustainable income source because of their faith.

Egypt is ranked number 38 in persecution of the top 50 persecuted countries in the whole world.