2023 Gift Catalog

Browse our gift catalog for ways to bless persecuted Christians this Christmas.

 “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.’”

Romans 12:13

As you prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth this year, will you also remember your persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ by donating to Take Heart?

Your generosity brings love and joy to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. It also provides much-needed practical help as you support basic needs and equip communities to become self-sustainable.

Take Heart has five special ways you can come alongside persecuted Christians in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Nigeria.

Knowing they are not forgotten at Christmas means so much to the Christians with whom we work.

Thank you, and God bless you during this season.

Merry Christmas!

Digital Catalog

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Give $300 or more this Christmas to receive

 multiple handcrafted items made by the women we serve in Nigeria, Egypt,
Syria, or Iraq!

Gift Options

Send Christmas Gifts to Children

Together, we can bless 6,000 children with clothes, hygiene items, and a celebration of the birth of Christ.

Restore Zabadani in Syria

Help us raise $16,000 for Zabadani families.

Rebuild Batnaya in Iraq

Help us raise $16,000 for Batnaya families.

Income-Generating Projects in Egypt

Help us raise $24,000 toward income-generating projects.

Bring Clean Water to Nigeria

Together, we can bring clean water to Nigerian families in 3 IDP camps. Help us raise $24,000.

Join the Pulse

Apart from prayer, monthly giving is the best way to come alongside Take Heart.

Our Impact

In eight years, Take Heart has

  • spiritually encouraged 48,700 persecuted Christians
  • launched 860 income-generating projects
  • sponsored 1,498 children and young adults to receive an education
  • and so much more!