Join The Pulse

Help us celebrate seven years serving persecuted Christians by becoming one of 70 new monthly donors!

You have helped us reach 61 new Pulse members so far! Thank you! It is not too late to join the heartbeat of our service.

You have helped us reach 61 new Pulse members so far! Thank you!

It is not too late to join the heartbeat of our service.

What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is a community of believers coming alongside persecuted brothers and sisters in a consistent, long-term way. Apart from prayer, monthly giving is the best way to partner with Take Heart.

Here are some examples of what your monthly gift can accomplish:

• $50 – Supports the monthly cost of a field worker visiting families for spiritual encouragement. That’s the equivalent of just three grande lattes per week at Starbucks. 

• $100 – Provides the monthly support for medical checkup for 100 kids.

• $150 – Supports the monthly cost of income-generating projects for four women in the four countries we serve. Also provides one spiritual/technical retreat for leaders.

• $200 – Provides vocational training for 30 people.

*Your gift will be allocated where it is most needed.

Why the Pulse?

Olivia’s Story

Will you be one of the 70?

There is nothing magical about the number seven. But, God does use numbers to symbolize meaningful realities throughout Scripture. The number seven is often used in relation to completion, perfection, and satisfaction. It is referenced in relation to the promises of God at the end of the age, and is sometimes tied to themes like forgiveness and healing. 

The Take Heart Team pondered what it might look like to celebrate seven years of service to our persecuted siblings in Christ. Our work is never done, for the Lord promises persecution will remain until Jesus returns. But, as always, we will take heart, for Jesus has overcome the world.

Seven Years of Service

Seven years of spiritually encouraging, technically equipping, and financially supporting have produced a present satisfaction and trust in God’s provision. So, in celebration of seven years of service, our goal is to add 70 new people to the Pulse (our monthly giving team) by the end of 2022. We are confident that God will complete this goal as He wills, calling the people He wants to join with us in partnership.

Will you be one of the 70?

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