Christian persecution in Nigeria has once again displaced thousands of people. During Christmas weekend, Boko Haram insurgents raided several villages forcing Christians from their homes.

Persecuted Nigerian Christians in IDP (internally displaced persons) camps suffer from a lack of basic necessities. In January 2024, Take Heart teams distributed food items, including beans, rice, garri (cassava root flour), and maize to 1,500 people.


Tell Christians in Nigeria "You Are Not Alone."


Christian persecution in Nigeria.

Take Heart teams distribute food to 1,500 displaced and persecuted Nigerian people following the deadly attacks on Christmas weekend.


Watch these news clips from Arise News in Nigeria, featuring Take Heart’s work. You’ll also hear a first-hand account from one of the victims of the attack.


Take Heart brings relief to persecuted Nigerian Christians.

According to news reports, almost 200 Christians died during the attack, about 300 were injured, and as many as 15,000 lost homes, vehicles, and other personal property worth millions. 

Officials say that Fulani, a radicalized Islamic tribe, is responsible for the violence that affected 26 Christian communities in Plateau. This group has terrorized the area’s Christians for the last several years.

Christian persecution in Nigeria is rampant, especially in Northern Nigeria.

Take Heart teams distributed the food on Tuesday, January 9, at the Bokkos IDP camp. With limited resources and access to food, the displaced individuals struggle to secure meals for themselves and their families.

Christian persecution in Nigeria causes families to live in IDP camps and suffer from food insecurity.

Take Heart’s intervention with food helps ensure the people have access to essential nutrition. It also gives them a sense of hope to know they are not forgotten. When Take Heart reaches out to our persecuted brothers and sisters during times of crisis, it helps them persevere in spite of the challenges they face.

Christian persecution in Nigeria - Nigerians in the Bokkos IDP camp receive food from Take Heart.

Take Heart teams delivered food, including bags of beans, rice, garri, and maize, to the Bokkos IDP camp.

About Christian Persecution in Nigeria

Persecution and displacement by Fulani herdsmen jihadists is a major concern in Nigeria, particularly in the Bokkos IDPs camps in Plateau State. The targeted violence against Christians in this region has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with many people facing dire circumstances in the camps.

Many of the displaced individuals do not have access to adequate food, clean water, and other essential resources, leading to widespread malnutrition and food insecurity.

Christian persecution in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government has been criticized for its inadequate response to the crisis in the Bokkos IDPs camps. Many camp residents report they have not received sufficient assistance in the form of food, shelter, and medical care. 

The international community has also been called upon to support the residents of the Bokkos IDPs camps. There are no humanitarian organizations and aid agencies on the ground to provide assistance to the displaced individuals, except two Evangelical and two Catholic churches, giving the little they can afford.

Christian persecution in Nigeria.

Pray for Christian Persecution in Nigeria

Pray for:

  • Persecuted and displaced Nigerian families: an end to their suffering and encouragement to persevere. 
  • Take Heart teams serving in IDP camps throughout the region. Pray for their safety, wisdom, strength, and spiritual encouragement.
  • The Nigerian government, the greater international community, and the churches serving the area that they may all provide support and resources to those who suffer.


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