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Christians are the world's most persecuted people.

We're on a mission to help them take heart. Here's how:

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Spiritually Encourage

We spiritually encourage every Christian to fulfill his/her role in the body of Christ, while standing among and for the persecuted church to encourage faith, hope, perseverance, fortitude, and love in the midst of feelings of defeat and great despair.
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Technically Equip

We technically equip leaders to implement a self-sustainable development model to overcome their organization's weaknesses and threats.
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Financially Support

We financially support local leaders with small grants to overcome their lack of resources and develop programs designed to help them achieve their mission.

Why Take Heart?



100% of your gifts go to serving persecuted Christians.


Mobilize your community to stand with persecuted Christians
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Join The Pulse

Join a community of believers making a long-term impact.

Pray with Us

Join us as we pray God will deliver the persecuted from their hardships.

What Makes Take Heart Different?

  • 100 percent of your gift goes directly to the field, all thanks to private donors funding our operating costs.
  • We serve all Christian denominations.
  • We go to harder to reach areas because that's where the worst persecution happens.
  • We partner with local churches and organizations, equipping them, rather supplying handouts.
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